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Wilson Associates, LLC, helps insurance industry professionals, businesses and non-profits strategically manage risk, expand and succeed by using innovation, technology and insurance expertise to solve modern challenges. We specialize in new product and service ideation refinement and planning, and expert witness testimony.

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Insurance Innovation

Insurance as we know it has been around for nearly 400 years. However, there's a continuous need for new – and timely – insurance innovation. Tomorrow's new insurance products will come from our collaborative efforts.

Expert witness, mediation, arbitration

Beyond the boardroom, we can support you in the courtroom. Our expert witness testimony supports your cause, and our mediation and arbitration efforts bring about swift solutions.

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We Do This in Strategic & Thoughtful Ways:


Purpose-Driven Business Relationship

The vision of Wilson Associates is to develop and promote companies and entrepreneurs who see the power of capitalism to help change the world in which people live, work and play. We support and build companies that create value for shareholders, support community development and improve lives.

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Wilson Associates, founded in 2017, is devoted to providing consulting services such as launch strategy, marketing, business development, product management and operational and customer experience. We have worked with emerging and InsureTech insurance companies, national and international insurance companies, and non-profits.

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Legal Expert Witness 

Wilson Associates is a one-stop company that provides insurance expertise to help mediate and arbitrate insurance matters while providing expert testimony in litigation.

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New Product Ideation

Wilson Associates brings more than 20 years of innovation and expertise to new products and services. By using a proven product development in a life cycle process, Wilson Associates will help you launch new products and services in a time frame that matches your needs.

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