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Ali is first among equals when it comes to his insurance expertise. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM WHENEVER I CAN.

Douglas Emerick

Insurance Expert Network
Austin, TX

My working relationship with Ali was focused on helping my client resolve a difficult insurance lawsuit. ALI USED HIS YEARS OF INSURANCE EXPERIENCE TO HELP US SORT THROUGH THE FACTS of the litigation and to settle this matter in favor of our client. Ali combined his underwriting, claims, and marketing experience to review the reasons why the insurance policy was written the way it was (i.e., the underwriting intent), including how it was marketed and how the adjusters were to manage the claim, especially as it related to industry custom or practice. Ali explained a complicated piece of litigation simply, and that helped us to solve this matter. Ali was honest with us, straightforward, and thoughtful. I would highly recommend Ali and his firm for coverage litigation.

Harrison Bergman

Bergman and Jacobs

Miami, Florida

“I wanted to let you know that I retained Ali Wilson to act as an expert in a property matter where my client had fallen, broken his leg, and the property carrier declined coverage based upon several insurance theories. Ali did great work on a report and identified issues that I hadn’t thought about before. HE TAUGHT ME A FEW THINGS ABOUT INSURANCE THAT I DIDN’T KNOW. His help allowed me to settle a lawsuit that I didn’t believe we had a chance of settling.”


Law Firm

Binghamton, NY

As you know, my clients were wrongfully denied insurance coverage and I initiated lawsuits on their behalf. I initiated the lawsuits and proceeded to take discovery before your involvement.  However, the carrier failed to appreciate my client’s claims fully.  The carrier’s position changed with your involvement and I am pleased to report that the cases were resolved favorably. WITH BREAKNECK SPEED, YOU ANALYZED A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MATERIALS THAT I PROVIDED AND ARTICULATED THE WEAKNESSES THAT THE CARRIER HAD WITH THE MANNER IN WHICH THE CLAIMS WERE HANDLED. Your perspective, from the industry viewpoint, proved extremely valuable, and with the advantage of your insight, I was able to effectively conduct depositions to gain information that not only was useful to the prosecution of my client’s claims but also effectively put the carrier on notice of their exposure. IF I HAD TO DO THIS CASE OVER AGAIN, I WOULD HAVE HIRED YOU FROM THE START. 

Philip Cohen

Kamensky Cohen Riechelson

Trenton, NJ

Wilson Associates, LLC has aligned with Perr&Knight to collaborate on the development of comprehensive business plans, pitch decks, and operational strategies for our mutual clients.  Their breadth and depth of experience in the P&C marketplace allow them to provide key inputs including licensing, market and competitor analysis, actuarial support, product design and development, state filings, technology selection, and implementation, and compliance training and reporting.

Mark Nawrath                                         

Perr & Knight

Santa Monica, CA

When we found Ali, we had ongoing litigation with an insurance carrier since 1999. Ali is highly regarded in the industry. ONCE OUR OPPOSITION READ HIS REPORT AND RECALLED HIS NAME, TALKS TO SETTLE THIS CASE IMMEDIATELY ENSUED. Ali, our client and I thank you for all your help. 

National Law Firm
San Francisco, California

Ali is one of the first people I turn to when I need help as an expert. HIS INSURANCE MIND IS TOPS AND HIS ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE IT IS EXCEPTIONAL.

Ty R. Sagalow

Innovation Insurance Group

Short Hills, NJ

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