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How We Make A Difference

The vision of Wilson Associates is to develop and promote companies and entrepreneurs who realize that the power of capitalism can help change the world in which people live, work and play. We support and build companies that create value for shareholders, and non-profits that support community development, and make life better overall. In so doing, Wilson Associates has dedicated a percentage of its earnings to help make a difference in our world.


Reaching Out Globally

In collaboration with the dfree Global Foundation, Inc., Wilson Associates is supporting the Kibi School for the Deaf, Kyebi, Eastern Region, Ghana. This collaboration will allow Wilson Associates to provide ongoing support and supplies for their infirmary. Some of the students are seen in the photo on this page.


Connecting Locally

Wilson Associates is actively involved in several areas in and around the City of Trenton, New Jersey. From collaboration with several veterans’ organizations to supporting entrepreneurship in Trenton, Wilson Associates intends to use its time, resources and talent to make the community in which we work stronger.

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