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Expert Witness, Mediation & Arbitration


Expert Witness, Dependable Testimony

Decades of insurance excellence bring you dependable testimony of our expert witness offering. Our witnesses provide their claims and underwriting background to cases covering corporate, private and not-for-profit entities.
The proficiency in understanding the angles of insurance allows us to explain every nuance to you, the court and the jury. Moreover, as experts, we offer opinion testimony that is backed by strong, trustworthy knowledge.


Mediation That Saves
Time & Money

Impartial mediation can save all sides time – and, more importantly, financial resources.
We provide mediation services, discussing disputes and reaching settlements – calmly, without rancor, and with everyone’s best interests in mind. Knowing how to engage with all sides keeps discussions focused and helps point toward negotiations that work for all parties.


Arbitration To Bring
All Sides Together

With an established background in bringing all sides to the table, Wilson Associates understands the importance of settling before heading into court.
When all parties come together with the understanding that our experienced arbiters will decide awards fairly and without favoritism, there is already an air of ease and confidence.
And who doesn’t want to avoid the courtroom?

Expert Witness: Services
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